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We're working to help rideshare drivers increase their earning potential while converting every rideshare operator to an EV.  This is the future of the road, and we want you to be part of it!


TesDriver rents Teslas to rideshare drivers without strings attached. Drive for whoever you want, use the car freely in your daily life, rent from us for as long as you’d like (with a minimum of 7 days), and let us take care of the vehicle maintenance costs. 

TesDriver will absorb all costs associated with tires, windshields, routine maintenance, exterior coverage, interior coverage, and insurance.  There are no mileage limits and no hidden fees.  

Drive with us to increase your earning potential while eliminating the costs and risks associated with driving your own car.


When Will Kinghorn bought his first Tesla in 2019 he was immediately blown away by its technology.  Will became so infatuated that he’d be up late at night, months on end, educating himself on everything there was to know about Teslas. Before he knew it, Will’s knowledge had grown to be so extensive that his friends with Teslas would reach out to learn about the vehicle’s ins and outs.  

Over time, these conversations evolved from talking about Teslas for an hour or two in Will’s garage to larger discussions on the rideshare industry, and the rideshare classification of Teslas as luxury rideshare experiences.  It didn’t take long before Will and his friends were driving rideshare in their spare time, competing with each other to see who could do more rides, minimize costs, and earn the most.  

Fast forward a few years, and Will is using his love and knowledge of Teslas to help rideshare drivers increase their earning potential the same way he did in 2019.  His ever-expanding fleet has drivers who have been with the team for years, boasts over a 99% driver retention rate, and hosts a community that is extraordinarily active in helping each other achieve their individual goals. 

TesDriver was built by rideshare drivers for rideshare drivers.  Join our team to increase your earning potential and eliminate costs and risks associated with driving your own vehicle. You might even make some friends in the process. 


Will Kinghorn, a Cleveland OH native, is the COO at Mathias Lock & Key in Denver CO. At Mathias, Will played important roles in implementing their CRM software, streamlining both client and employee experiences, expanding their product offerings, and aiding in corporate and real estate mergers and transactions.  In his free time, Will enjoys playing hockey and coaching sled hockey; 2 members of Will’s sled hockey team represented Team USA in the 2022 Beijing Paralympics. His wife thinks he works too much, and she’s right.